Zayn Malik Would Want To Continue Their Partnership, But Selena Gomez Is Free To See Other People: Newest Relationship News!

Here is an insider update on Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik’s courtship, which they both appear to be enjoying. Now read.

In the case of Zayn Malik right now, the heart wants what the heart wants. Due to his relationship with Selena Gomez, the former One Direction singer has been largely anonymous. Even though Gigi Hadid is said to have no problems with it, nothing has become “serious” until now. For the most recent information about their rumored romance, scroll below.

It all started when news of Selena and Zayn spending a romantic evening over dinner in New York City went viral. They touched hands and even kissed, according to insiders. Gomez was seen with his personal assistant Taryn Zimmerman around the time that dating rumors were circulating, adding fuel to the fire.

Recently, information about what is brewing between Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik was revealed by a source close to US Weekly. According to their claim, Zayn has “always adored” Selena and thinks she is “an incredible person” on the inside and out. Yet because they aren’t yet “serious,” the story has a twist.

The source continues, “He (Zayn Malik) feels like he’s ready to date again. He’s been focused on himself these last few years. Although he is feeling upbeat about the prospect of things developing between him and Selena, he is not exerting any pressure. He would prefer to just let things develop naturally and assume she feels the same.

Even though Zayn enjoys his romance with Selena, he appears to be cool with parting ways with her. She is unrestricted in who she can see. Zayn would, however, really like to keep seeing Selena and see how things develop,” the story says.

Gigi Hadid, meanwhile, is said to be okay with their relationship. She actually doesn’t seem disturbed by anything, is pleased for Zayn Malik, and looks forward to peacefully “co-parenting” their daughter Khai.

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