Yes guitarist recalls hazardous Jimmy Page performance, saying, “I’m still recovering”

Trevor Rabin participated in an interview with Sonic Perspectives before the release of his new album, “Rio,” and he recalled an earlier performance with Jimmy Page. When asked if he had heard Led Zeppelin’s “Hot Dog,” the guitarist replied: Which one is that, though? I also adore Jimmy. I mean, Jimmy and I played together one night in Germany, and I’m still healing. Where the recuperating had to [take place] after the gig. He’s a really cool man. It was quite perilous when Jimmy, Chris [Squire], and I went out one night in Berlin or Hamburg. Jimmy Page joined Yes to play “I’m Down” in Dortmund, Germany, in 1984. A few years prior to that, he and Chris Squire made an effort to start the supergroup XYZ, which also included Alan White and Robert Plant. Plant abandoned the project, which led to its cancellation because of the impact of John Bonham’s death during those years. Squire then moved on to join another band called Cinema with Trevor Rabin, but XYZ’s tapes were never made available to the public.

Jimmy Page spoke on the reports of its potential 2020 release in an interview with Rolling Stone. “Unfortunately, we’ve lost Chris [Squire] now. It was something that I always hoped to do, as some sort of project, to get hold of him and Alan White. It’s not even worth talking about because it’s all speculation. I haven’t had a chance to really listen to the stuff and see just exactly what we do have and what we don’t have. I don’t have any mixdowns of it. If I did, I’m not quite sure where they are now.” You can watch Trevor Rabin’s new interview in the video below.

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