Wolfgang Van Halen Responds to Claims About Van Halen Using Backing Tracks

Wolfgang Van Halen’s comments about bands employing backing tracks lately drew a lot of criticism. Some fans criticized Wolf on Twitter, stating that he used backup vocal recordings during his Van Halen days as well. In response to all of the bad feedback, he wrote: “Saying I used his Jack Daniels bass demonstrates how ignorant you are on this subject, because I never did.” You can hate me all you want, but I know what I’m capable of and what I’ve played and sung. I never utilize tracks. So, with all due respect, I’d like you to devour my entire ass.” However, in response to a fan’s comment that most bands, including Metallica, use backing tracks, Wolf clarified what ‘tracks’ may mean in different contexts and what he employs during his live performances by adding:

“We employ a click track.” That is technically tracks, so when you say ‘tracks,’ it can range from piano pads to main guitars and lead vocals and is impossible to capture in a single tweet. As a result, the arguments.” Wolf’s most recent Guitar World interview, which drew criticism from fans on Twitter about most bands using backing tracks and how it’s an issue, can be found here: “You never know… hell, half the people live on tracks these days.” It’s just a f*cking pity. Everyone else draws their own line between what tracks are acceptable and what aren’t, but it’s like, if you’re pumping in the main guitar riff, lead vocals, and genuine f*cking drums – like, pre-recorded drums – that’s an issue. You should be able to strut your stuff.” The tweets of Wolfgang Van Halen can be seen below.

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