Why Was Celine Dion’s Music Called ‘Stupid’ by Grace Slick?

Some listeners may prefer the instrumentals in a song over the lyrics or vocals. Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane is among those who share this opinion. Slick selected her favorite female musicians who she thought aged beautifully in 2017. She did, however, call one of the singer’s songs’stupid. ‘Celine Dion was mentioned among the singers she mentioned. Slick mentioned the musicians and discussed them one by one: “In terms of just having a good set of pipes, obviously Barbara Streisand, Celine Dion, and Lady Gaga have pretty good voices.” What they say may or may not be pertinent. But an instrument, such as an Amati, an Italian violin, is useless unless it is played.” The singer expressed her thoughts on what she considers to be ‘corny’ about Dion: “So Celine Dion has a beautiful instrument; her songs are mediocre, but her instrument is excellent.” I’d appreciate it if someone could write her some good tunes. Or she’ll sing ‘My Heart Will Go On,’ and pound her fist on her heart, and I’ll think to myself, ‘Oh, don’t do that, your voice is wonderful enough, you don’t have to be corny.’ “Sit there and sing.”

Slick suggested another singer who did something similar but not ‘corny,’ as opposed to Dion. She continued, saying: “Whitney Houston did that; we were rehearsing for an award show about 25, 30 years ago, and she came in and stood in the middle of the stage and sang the song.” She simply sung the song, and she had the voice for it. She doesn’t need to be surrounded by exploding chickens or midgets; she just sings.” Slick also named another name with a ‘knockout’ voice in addition to Dion. The singer also advised other singers on what they should do if their voice was not very good, and even gave an example. She elaborated: “And if you don’t have a great voice, hire a bunch of dancers like Britney Spears and have them march around.” There are numerous approaches, and everyone is welcome. Britney Spears is in good health. But if you have a voice like Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, or others, you don’t need dancing girls. It’s amazing to just stand there and sing.” So, even though the vocalist doesn’t like every song or Dion’s style, her admiration for the singer’s vocal ability is clear.

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