Why Sinead O’Connor Couldn’t Take It Any Longer Roger Waters is a musician

Names on the list of rockers who despise Roger Waters include David Gilmour and Disturbed singer David Draiman, but it seems that Sinead O’Connor was also present. O’Connor has previously worked with Roger on the production of ‘The Wall’ in 1991. However, during an interview with Uncut in 2013, the singer looked to be unhappy with her collaboration, revealing her genuine sentiments when a fan asked what she thought of the Pink Floyd bassist: “I despise Roger Waters, and I’ll explain why. Hundreds of thousands of people paid a week’s salaries, if not nearly a month’s, to see what was advertised as a live concert. The day before, they practiced all the lights, explosions, fireworks, and wankdom you wouldn’t need if you trusted the music. They inform us that the soundcheck is being recorded.” Sinead then explained why the ‘live’ performance didn’t proceed as planned: “The next day, I go on stage to sing live – as has happened to a number of artists – and my microphone isn’t working.” The recording from yesterday is then played back.

As a result, I’m compelled to stand there and mime. I don’t like lying to an audience, so as soon as I stepped offstage, I ran after Roger and beat the sh*t out of him. As I recall, he was pretty agile.” This wasn’t the first time O’Connor and Waters had a falling out, as Waters also blasted the singer during a Q Magazine interview in 1992 when the host asked him about the 1991 production: “Organizing that ‘Wall’ concert was extremely difficult, but everyone was fantastic to work with – Bryan Adams, Van Morrison, Cyndi Lauper, bloody brilliant.” Everything is great. With the exception of Sinead O’Connor. Oh, God! I’ve never met somebody who is so self-absorbed, unprofessional, big-headed, and disagreeable. She’s so deep up her own backside that it’s frightening.

” He went on to criticize O’Connor’s public comments about the show: “And then, a few months later, when the record was released, she did an interview on American television, millions of viewers, and she trashed the whole thing, saying ‘the Wall’ concert was a load of w*nk.” Nothing makes sense to her. She’s just a stupid young lady.” It’s unclear whether the two rockers ever put their differences aside and resolved their’feud,’ but it’s safe to assume that O’Connor and Waters preferred not to socialize in the years that followed, as the former singer was still unhappy over her gig in 2013. The performance of Roger Waters and Sinead O’Connor is embedded below.

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