Why Sharon Osbourne Attacked Ozzy Osbourne in the Past

Sharon Osbourne talked openly about her fight with Ozzy Osbourne when he pushed her over the brink in a recently released video from her interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music. Sharon began to narrate the tale, elaborating: “One day Randy made me a stew and it had some sh*t in it, so I broke his guitar!” Ozzy originally denied the charge leveled against him by responding: “I f*cking never did that!” He later acknowledged doing it, however, and said: “[I added] Some black hash.” Sharon went on, remembering that day: “I was eating this stew, and it made me violent and crazy!” The musician entered and revealed: “She picks up the phone and throws it at me!” When describing how she attacked Ozzy, his wife added: “Randy [Rhoads]’s guitar was there, so I picked it up and slammed it against the wall until all that was left was the neck.

It just drove me insane, and you [points to Ozzy] made me do it!” Then, when the host inquired as to the singer’s willingness to accept it at this time in their chat, he acknowledged what he had done. Osbourne has been suffering with significant health issues recently, according to more recent news. Ozzy provided updates on his health and discussed his imminent operation in the first episode of The Osbournes Podcast, saying: The neck has been mended, but below the neck there are two vertebrae where the bike hit me and crumbled; nothing is left of them. My lower back is hurting, and I’m going to get an epidural shortly. I have no idea what the physicians are doing. All I know is that I’m in a lot of pain and suffering right now. The entire video is available to view below.

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