Why Rick Astley Prefers AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Era to Their Bon Scott Era

Before ‘Are We There Yet?’, Rick Astley sat down for an interview with Classic Rock to discuss his career. Rick Astley released his first album in six years on October 13. He also discussed music during the conversation, giving his opinions on Bon Scott and Brian Johnson’s two AC/DC eras: “With all due respect to Brian Johnson, who has produced so many incredible albums with AC/DC, for me, it’s ‘Highway To Hell.'” When I heard Tommy Vance play it on the radio, I was enamored with it and asked, “What is this?” Bon had a cheeky demeanor, and his voice was so full of personality. He continued by describing Dave Grohl’s approach to the 1979 album: I actually practiced playing along to ‘Highway To Hell’ frequently while learning how to play the drums. This is such a name-drop, but the first time I met Dave Grohl, we got into a conversation about drumming over a few drinks. He said, “My daughter is learning to play the drums right now, man,” when I stated that I had picked up the instrument by playing along to “Highway To Hell.” She is currently listening to “Highway To Hell.” At the 2023 Glastonbury Festival, Astley performed the album’s title track as both a drummer and a vocalist. He sang “Never Gonna Give You Up,” from his album “Rickrolling,” in addition to the cover.

In the beginning of his career, the singer gained notoriety thanks to a 1980s song. When he first traveled to the US to promote it, it also brought with it an interaction with Ozzy Osbourne and his wife, Sharon, according to his statements during the most recent conversation: “He [Osbourne] asked, ‘Are you over here playing?’ and I replied, ‘No, we’re just doing promo. Then he added, “Let me know if you want to form a band.” I’ve collaborated with every great.” And I was aware that he had collaborated with some of the world’s top guitarists. Even though Astley’s plans were derailed by Sharon Osbourne’s remark that he didn’t want to “play with your long-haired, tattoed f**king monsters,” he remembered: “I was astounded. He recognized me, which was one thing, but he also believed he could put together the right band for me to perform “Never Gonna Give You Up” with. However, such a sweet man for doing that. The first stop of Rick Astley’s upcoming tour in promotion of his most recent record will be Sheffield, UK, on October 29. After the UK gigs conclude in March 2024, the tour will include stops in Ireland, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

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