Why is Evanescence so popular? The Song ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ by Amy Lee Was Rejected

Amy Lee, lead vocalist of Evanescence, is no stranger to the film industry, having composed soundtracks for ‘War Story’ and ‘Indigo Grey: The Passage.’ She also performed the song ‘Speak to Me’ in the film ‘Voice from the Stone.’ If her song had been authorized, the singer would probably certainly appear in another film. Lee composed music for the 2005 film ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.’ However, it was not included in the soundtrack. During a 2007 Q&A with Westword, Lee explained why the producers didn’t put her song in the film and whether the rejection affected her perspective of Hollywood. “Well, I’m already bitter against Hollywood.” I lived there for five years and will never, ever return. Nobody’s fault, in my opinion. I was simply misinformed about what they desired. I did write music for the film, and I still have an unreleased tune that I love that was originally intended for that film in my back pocket.”

The rocker went on to describe the filmmaker’s reaction to her work: “However, it was darker than they had hoped. They didn’t want to scare children, and after seeing the film, I understand why. But I think they were telling me a little bit about what I wanted to hear beforehand, that it was going to be really dark and very ‘Lord of the Rings’ and all that stuff, and it turned out to be a lot more childlike.” Amy, on the other hand, would prefer things to be different, as she stated: “The way I was writing was much bigger, epic, and dark than all of that.” I still think it would have been a lovely song in the film, but it didn’t make me angry. There’s only one tune in the bank.” The vocalist’s original song for the film was titled ‘Together Again.’ It was later recorded and released as a B-side to Evanescence’s album ‘The Open Door.’ It was made available as a free digital download in 2010 to benefit the United Nations Foundation’s Haiti disaster relief operations. You can hear the music below.

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