Why Ed Sheeran Ignored Promo Singles and Music Videos for His New Album “Autumn Variations”

Autumn Variations, Ed Sheeran’s most recent album, was released on September 29. The British pop star’s debut independent release on his record company, Gingerbread Man Records, is this album. More than that, Sheeran changes his approach to his release schedule. There won’t be any singles or music videos for the new album. Sheeran provided an explanation for his decision to forego promotional singles and videos for his most recent album in an interview with CBS Mornings. He wants to let go of expectations in part so that the record may speak for itself as a whole.

“Each record before, I’ve done, like, all the big going and doing all these radio interviews, going on the late-night shows, and doing all this stuff,” he remarked. There isn’t even a single for the record. No music video exists. Just putting it out there. All that truly matters is that Sheeran wants to handle things his way. He stated, “I want to release an independent record.” “Also, like, I’ve had 12, 13, years of being a pop star and dealing with the pressure that ‘it has to sell this week one, you have to have this smash song, you have to have this.’ “And a part of me wonders, ‘Why?'”

In contrast, he may escape the pressure by publishing the album on his own. For him to work with a large label, “everything has to be the biggest and best every time, then better the next time,” he stated. “In my opinion, there is a component of the autonomous thing that relieves pressure. Because there is no company, there are no expectations. You must put up with it. You need to have an attitude of ‘I don’t care what people think,’ he continued. In addition, compared to his prior albums, Sheeran had more control over the substance of Autumn Variations. The pop musician revealed during the interview that he and his wife, Cherry Seaborn, frequently listen to records as they cook. For instance, they frequently play Jack Johnson’s In Between or Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me. He recently became aware that he lacked a record that perfectly captured any given emotion. With his most recent collection, he aimed to achieve that. He wanted an album with “one producer, one mood, and one feel,” so he made that album.

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