Why Did Ozzy Osbourne Demand Malcolm Young of AC/DC Stand Firm?

Malcolm Young and Geezer Butler’s knife narrative has been told many times from various perspectives. The story begins with AC/DC and Black Sabbath collaborating on their Technical Ecstasy Tour. During the 1977 tour, the brand-new things for one of the shows were severely destroyed owing to technical issues, prompting the band to temporarily halt the show. Butler went drunk after the show because of the troubles that occurred during their act, which also generated problems between the two members. Angus recounted the incident from his point of view on the ‘Talk Is Jericho’ podcast in 2020. He claimed Butler had a knife and displayed it at Malcolm Young while they were drinking. Young pulled it from his grasp, returning it to him and saying: “What are you going to do now?” Young, it appears, felt awful after the event and wanted to apologize the next day. On his way to apologize, the guitarist ran into Osbourne. When Osbourne asked what Young was up to, Young detailed the problem, to which the Black Sabbath leader counseled him to hold firm: “Him and that f*cking knife; Mal, don’t apologize to him, tell him to f*ck off!”

Butler claims it was a misunderstanding, and he wasn’t pulling up the flick-knife to flash him; he was just flipping it since he had just bought it there and was delighted to receive one after a long time. He also mentioned that certain knives were forbidden in England, but they were performing in Switzerland at the time, which is why he was so enthused about the knife. Butler was quite inebriated, according to Young’s account of the tale, and when the two couldn’t agree on anything, Butler attempted to assault him with the knife. He further claimed that Osbourne stopped the two by calling Butler a ‘f*cking moron’ and telling him to go to bed. Despite the fact that there are numerous versions of the story, it is still unclear which is correct.Check out the video interview below.

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