Who After Kurt Cobain Is Courtney Love Called a “Musical Genius”

Billy Corgan and Kat Bjelland are just two of the people with whom Courtney Love has had love-hate relationships in the past. Therefore, it’s probably safe to conclude that she hasn’t held back from criticizing anyone, including her loved ones. The vocalist in our piece, whom admiration compared to Kurt Cobain by calling them a “true musical genius,” was the subject of our article, and the Hole frontwoman had nothing but admiration for them. The singer made the admission while discussing her ‘real, true’ connection with Lana Del Rey as a guest on the WTF podcast in 2022 with Marc Maron. After opening out about her friendship with Del Rey, Courtney continued by comparing the young singer to her late husband Kurt and lauding the two of them as “musical geniuses.

” Rock musician: “Lana and Kurt are the only two genuine musical geniuses I’ve ever met; by that, I mean they can Spielberg anything… She is also brilliant. Kurt had integrity, and so does she. I can only say [that] about the two individuals I am aware of. Love went on to explain what made Del Rey “special” and why she had left off other “rock icons” from her list of “true musical geniuses”: By the way, Michael [of R.E.M. Stipe? Bono? Yes, I am familiar with and devoted to these people. Sure, Billie Joe [Armstrong] And Lana? She possesses a magical item. She isn’t even screwed up, anyway. Love is not the only person to think of Lana as a “true musical genius,” as she also considered her late husband Kurt to be one. Lana has received accolades in the past from artists like Taylor Swift and Bruce Springsteen, who both commended the 38-year-old singer’s creative abilities.

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