When assuming movie roles, Robert Pattinson talks about having a “deep, deep fear of humiliation”

No one will care about the causes for a failing production, according to the star of “The Batman” One of Robert Pattinson’s worst, most profound fears is being humiliated. The 37-year-old Batman actor explained why he has “not really” ever been forced to complete a project he is not at all interested in during an interview with writer and comedian Jordan Firstman for Interview magazine. He’s not trying to look horrible; it’s just that he is.

The actor, who said, “I have a great, terrible dread of humiliation,” added, “And also, you sort of know it’s up to you. Nobody is going to care about the reasons, regardless of how bad the script is, how bad the director is, or any number of other things. He said, “You’re the one that everyone’s going to call lame. “And even though you gave it your all, the vast majority of people will still think you’re stupid.” In addition to talking about his personal “place in society,” Pattinson, who made his feature debut at the age of 17 in Vanity Fair, also alluded to the challenging job-to-job nature of being a Hollywood actor. “I’m continually worried that you’re just going to live a life filled with unemployment, desperation, and a general sense of failure. I believe that’s just how life is,” he laughed.

Firstman said that although “show business” professionals frequently suffer from “this never-being-enough syndrome,” there are “some people who are content,” to which Pattinson responded, “I don’t know.” “I feel like you’re specifically at a maximum most of the time you’re doing a job and you’re employed for three months,” he said. The world’s most stressful situation is “that.” He shed light on the pressure to appear a specific way, another stressor experienced by Hollywood actors, earlier this year. He admitted to going to such lengths to have the perfect look in Hollywood in an interview with ES Magazine.

Even while he said he hasn’t experienced any issues with his own body image, he acknowledged that the standards for men and women in show industry are “crazy” and that he has developed a habit of “addictive” dieting. He recalled once going two weeks without eating anything except potatoes as a cleanse. “Nothing just boiling potatoes and pink Himalayan salt. It’s a cleansing, apparently, and you definitely lose weight. I have essentially tried every craze you can imagine, everything but consistency, he continued. There will always be a person who is in better condition than you, so it’s rather awkward when you get into a pattern of answering questions about your workout, Pattinson added in reference to his reluctance to divulge his movie training regimen.

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