What “Nearly Killed” Larry Mullen Jr. is described by Bono

U2 leader Bono recently discussed a performance-related incident that, in his words, “nearly killed” the group’s drummer Larry Mullen Jr. in an interview with CBS Morning. Mullen had injuries to his neck, elbows, and knees, which he investigated and had surgery for during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Edge said he was present for the ‘Atomic City’ studio sessions and music video, though: He played on the track and sounded incredible. So, we’re delighted.

Then Bono joined in, explaining that Mullen’s performance nearly had a negative impact on his health: “He killed it, but he almost didn’t. You will know he died for rock & roll if you see him on a stretcher. He’s feeling better now, and I believe he can see a path to getting back into shape, but it will take time. Mullen admitted that he might not join the group if they want to tour in 2023 because he requires surgery in a 2022 interview with The Washington Post. He claimed he needed time off to recover from injuries sustained while playing the drums:

“I truly miss the spectators. Despite the fact that I’m seated in front of a drum kit, I miss that interaction. Physically, my body has changed from what it once was. I won’t be performing live next year, either. I’m not aware of the band’s strategy. There are numerous topics being discussed. The Krezip drummer Bram van den Berg will take the drummer’s position in the first batch of performances for the “U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere” residency.

There were other occasions when U2 members were unable to perform, such as in 1993 when Adam Clayton missed a performance in Sydney. Additionally, there was a time when Chris Martin and Bruce Springsteen took Bono’s place when he was unable to play due to a bike accident. The Sphere in Las Vegas will host U2 without Larry Mullen Jr. They will perform at the Sphere from September 29 to December 16. During their engagement, the group will perform the entirety of their 1991 album “Achtung Baby,” and it will be their first live performance since December 2019.

The band yesterday released the music video for “Atomic City.” The title of the song alludes to a 1950s moniker for Las Vegas. The song’s music video was shot in the same Fremont Street location as U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” video was shot 36 years earlier. Below, you can see the interview and the “Atomic City” music video.

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