What City Did “Game of Thrones” Film In?

One of the most popular television shows in history, Game of Thrones included extensive world-building that transported several characters to Westeros and Essos. Even though the imposing castles and medieval cities are made up, several of them were partially filmed in actual places. The numerous filming locations all over the world surpass the expansiveness of the Game of Thrones realm. Many of the most well-known places from the series have fascinating histories that may be explored, and they make the ideal settings for some of the most dramatic scenes in the program.Fans were able to visit several new and intriguing locations as well as some of their old favorites in House of the Dragon, which was set hundreds of years before the events of Game of Thrones. Let’s take a look at everything we’ve seen so far, from ruins from antiquity to imposing mountains and scorching sand dunes, and what we might see again in the future!

Queen’s Landing

Let’s begin with one of Westeros’ most significant locations. The Seven Kingdoms’ capital and center of authority is King’s Landing. What real places helped set the tone for the countless dramatic episodes that took place here?

Croatia’s Old Town, Dubrovnik
Some of our most cherished (and dreaded) figures may be seen strolling the meandering alleys of this lovely coastal city, which is paved with ancient cobblestones and topped with red, clay rooftops. The most notable sequence from the several that were filmed here is Cersei’s (Lena Heady) Walk of Penance.You can follow her footsteps through the city’s main street because this incident served as a turning point for her character. Of course, as we journey back in time to the heyday of King’s Landing, House of the Dragon returns to this place!

Malta’s Mdina
There were some significant scenes filmed in this fortified city. Many key scenes in King’s Landing during the first season were filmed on its historic streets, most notably Ned’s (Sean Bean) altercation with Little Finger (Aidan Gillen), during which he is finally apprehended and brought prisoner by the Lannisters. The buildings’ stunning sandstone facades provide the ideal backdrop for the southern city.

Croatia’s Trsteno
The stunning Trsteno Arboretum, which you would recognize as the verdant palace grounds of the Red Keep, is located in this town just to the north of Dubrovnik. To sit where Olenna Tyrell (Diana Rig) and Sansa (Sophie Turner) did to inform Sansa of her husband’s true nature, proceed through the hedges.

Spain’s Italica
The Dragonpit Summit, one of the most significant events in the series, was put in motion by the ancient arena in this town. You may witness the pivotal moment where almost all of the series’ important characters meet together in this place for yourself! If you’ve been watching House of the Dragon, you can see what the Dragonpit actually appeared to be like when it was one of King’s Landing’s biggest buildings!

Beyond the Wall

The realm beyond the Wall is a frigid tundra with danger hiding around every corner, including vicious zombies and savage Wildlings. It is home to the Night King (Richard Brake) and his army of White Walkers. There are lots of stunning natural scenery that seem to be from another planet, despite the fact that there are little evidence of civilisation.

Iceland’s Vatnaj√∂kull
This glacial area is the ideal location for the Crows to explore the unknown because it is surrounded by towering mountains and beautiful ice. Don’t forget to bring a lovely fur cape to keep you warm and a broadsword to fight off any Wildlings if you want to test your skills at navigating the beautiful but dangerous landscape!

Iceland’s Reynisfjara Beach

While we don’t venture far from Castle Black on our trip to the Wall, we do catch a peek of East-Watch-by-the-Sea, another Night’s Watch castle that watches over the Wall’s terminus where it meets the water. Because this breathtaking black sand beach is so lovely, we can’t help but wonder why the White Walkers didn’t just stroll around.

Dragonstone, the Targaryens’ ancestral castle, is one of the series’ most stunning and significant locales. Their base of operations in Westeros as well as their capital during Aegon’s Conquest. The surroundings and buildings are unlike anything else in Westeros and are the closest representations of what Old Valyria might have looked like that we have yet to witness.So, where are the actual places that contribute to this place’s allure?

Spain, Gaztelugatxe
This tiny island, one of the series’ most iconic places, is home to the recognizable meandering bridge that leads to the commanding gates of Dragonstone. You may explore the location and traverse the choppy sea below in the footsteps of previous Targaryen generations (you’ll simply have to visualize the castle being there).

Spain’s Itzurun Beach

After her fleet completes its trek across the confined sea, Daenerys (Emilia Clark) returns home to this lovely beach. She bends over and touches the dunes of her native country in a moving moment for her character. You can go in the footsteps of our favorite Targaryen while taking it easy on the beach!

Daenerys moves from city to city, conquering as she goes, and while the majority of the action takes place in Westeros, Essos also plays a significant role in the plot. The settings for Essos are intriguing because they offer a more exotic and varied environment than what we see in Westeros and depict a different aspect of the realm.

Spain’s Bardenas Reales
The wide Dothraki Sea and limitless grassland where the Dothraki people live a nomadic lifestyle are represented by these badlands. You can easily get lost in your imagination when standing where Daenerys was surrounded by a Dothraki hoard and dragged to the new Khal since the gorgeous scenery never ends.

Mali’s Ait Benhaddou

This UNESCO World Heritage site is identifiable as Yunkai, the first slave settlement that Dany frees, and is lined with red, clay dwellings and stunning architecture. She is lauded and referred to by her adoring followers as “Mhysa” or “mother” outside its defended gates.

Croatia’s ibenek
As Braavos, a trading city in Essos, where Arya (Maisie Williams) travels to acquire her assassination talents at the House of Black and White, Croatia demonstrates its wealth in filming locations. The medieval Cathedral of St. James, which serves as a representation of the Iron Bank, a significant institution in Westerosi politics, is also located there.

Which of these breathtaking places is #1 on your travel bucket list, then? Do you want to travel like a Targaryen in Spain or live like a Lannister in Croatia? The new studio tour in Northern Ireland, where many of the sequences in the North were recorded, is where you can get the whole Game of Thrones experience. You can take in the incredible world-building of Westeros by visiting actual sets from the show in person!

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