Vivian Campbell Admits Def Leppard Is Still Going Strong For ‘Selfish’ Reasons

Vivian Campbell remarked on Def Leppard’s motive for releasing recordings owing to’selfish’ reasons in a new interview with Jordi Pinyol. When asked about the band’s creative process, the guitarist stated first: “Def Leppard still has a very, very high bar.” The quality control is really strict. However, there is no expectation that anyone will buy a Def Leppard record.” He then described the band’s strategy for continuing to make records for’selfish’ reasons: “We don’t make Def Leppard records for the sake of our fans.” We create Def Leppard records for ourselves. It’s a selfish exercise, but it’s something we feel obligated to do, despite the fact that we know when we go on tour, people want to hear ‘Animal,’ ‘Rock of Ages,’ ‘Photograph,’ ‘Hysteria,’ and all the other hit songs.” The musician went on to say: “It’s great fun to play all those hit songs, but we still have to make music because that’s what we do.” We’re creative beings, which is why we started playing in rock bands in the first place. That is why you must continue to work these muscles.”

Campbell went on to explain why they make new songs, saying: “The mindset in Def Leppard is that we always try to write the best song we possibly can.” We always strive to make the finest record possible. We don’t anticipate anyone to buy it, certainly not in the quantities that people bought ‘Pyromania,’ ‘Hysteria,’ or any of the previous recordings, but it’s for us. It validates what we do.” Aside from new music, Def Leppard is working on new arrangements of existing songs. On May 19, the band released ‘Drastic Symphonies,’ which included altered and re-recorded versions of 16 songs from their previous albums. You can watch the complete interview with the guitarist below.

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