Vito Bratta Won’t Share Eddie Van Halen’s Reaction To The ‘Clone’ Label

Vito Bratta recently spoke with Guitar World about how Eddie Van Halen comparisons used to irritate him. The White Lion guitarist even admitted to being branded a “Van Halen clone,” saying: “That has always irritated me. Back in the 1980s, I read it all. Guys will claim that they do not read other people’s words, but I did. I recall seeing it in publications and hearing people say, ‘Oh, you sound and play just like Eddie.'” The rocker then revealed what Van Halen was thinking about it all, though he refused to release the late guitarist’s full response: “It [being called a clone] got under my skin to the point where I called Eddie.

” I won’t tell all that Eddie said me exactly – I’ll take that to my grave – but I will say that he told me, ‘I adore the way you play. We have a lot in common, but you are unique. ‘Keep it in mind.'” Previously, leader Mike Tramp highlighted how grunge became the band’s eventual conclusion, as interest in classic rock faded and was replaced by Seattle-based artists. In another interview, he was asked if he would reunite with Bratta or White Lion, and he denied any rumors of a reunion.

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