Vince Gill explains why Don Henley hired him following the death of Glenn Frey

Vince Gill recently spoke with the Lexington Herald-Leader on why Don Henley selected him to join the Eagles when Glenn Frey passed away. As co-lead guitarist in the group, Gill also plays rhythm guitar, backs up vocals, and frequently takes over for Frey on lead vocals. The vocalist gave the following explanation of Henley’s response when asked why he chose him to play for the Eagles: “They questioned Don, ‘Why the rustic guy?'” With a smile, he continued, “Vince is a skilled band member.” That was a great compliment to me. Hearing that made me very happy. In all honesty, I’ve been doing this for too long to truly understand what the job entails. Fans’ Reactions To Gill’s Participation. Vince went on to reveal how the public reacts to his contribution to the band:

“A large number of individuals find enjoyment in my membership in our band and my work. Some people prefer to listen to the music in its original form. Kind of the same here. I’ve heard Glenn sing certain songs for 48 years, but you have to have a more realistic view of the situation. Gill’s Eagles Premiere Performance. The guitarist also discussed his sentiments after his first performance with the Eagles later in the conversation:

My first performance was at Dodger Stadium in 2017, so I’m nervous already. I mean, the Eagles started in L.A., and here I was at the first game after Glenn went away. I sensed the nervousness among the people. It could be felt. I was aware of it. After I finished “Take It to the Limit’s” chorus, I sensed everyone in the room take a big breath. They seemed to be saying, “We’re going to be alright.”

Vince Considers Getting Into The Eagle. Although many of his fans of country music were surprised by Gill’s decision to join the group, it wasn’t as strange as it could have seemed because Gill had previously sung an Eagles song in 1993 and worked with Henley on a country album in 2015. After leaving the band, Gill talked to Taste of Country in 2017 about what it was like to be an Eagles player, stating:

“I’ve always believed that I would have been a good Eagle. However, I never would have predicted this in a million years. It seems rather strange. Being a part of this incredible history of songs, which I recently turned sixty, is the best part of this whole experience for me. The vocalist is presently traveling the country as part of the Eagles’ Farewell tour. The band’s 2023 tour dates will come to a close on November 17, when they play in St. Paul, Minnesota, after their November 14 performance in Lexington, Kentucky.

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