Uli Jon Roth Names The Band That Offered Him The Opportunity To Leave The Scorpions

Uli Jon Roth said in a recent interview with Vintage Rock Pod that he pondered leaving The Scorpions to join another band in 1975. During the conversation, when discussing his career, the guitarist recounted his memories of the ‘In Trance’ production and named the band that offered him a chance to quit The Scorpions. The rocker began to relate the story: “We were recording a demo for ‘In Trance’ at Dierks Studios when I got a call from the manager of Manfred Mann, who were a great live band back then.” They probably still are, but I haven’t heard them in a long time, but they were considerably bigger than the Scorpions at the time, and we did several support slots for them, and I guess, Manfred Mann, they were looking for a new guitar player, and they thought I would be the one.” The musician then revealed what drew him to the offer: “Basically, they asked me to come and join the band.

” And it was tempting because they were a great band, and I would have ended up in London, which would have completely changed my life at this point.” With the assistance of a few people, Roth eventually changed his mind about leaving The Scorpions. He explained why he changed his mind: “But I remember Klaus and Rudolf, they actually talked me out of it, it took a long time, it was after midnight.” And because we were friends, I stayed, but I’m not sure what would have occurred if I had quit The Scorpions at that point.” Despite not joining Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, the guitarist finally departed The Scorpions for a variety of reasons, one of which being having a different type of music in mind that would be unacceptable for The Scorpions. The guitarist is now working on his own and plans to tour in 2024 as part of the Interstellar Sky Guitar World Tour. The tour is scheduled to begin on April 2 and conclude on May 1, 2024. The following is a brief excerpt from the most recent interview.

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