Uli Jon Roth Is Content That He Left The Scorpions

Uli Jon Roth gave an explanation of his choice to leave Scorpions in a recent interview with Loudersound. He spoke about his experiences as a member of the Scorpions from 1973 to 1978 and expressed that he had no regrets about quitting the group. Says he: “Those were wonderful days.” With every album we released, the band got more and better together, and our camaraderie expanded. I knew there was no place for the songs that eventually became Earthquake, which is why I left. Although Electric Sun was a “outsider” band, we played Hammersmith Odeon twice, so I like to think we did very well, even though it wasn’t as commercial as the Scorpions.

After Roth departed the Scorpions in 1978, he founded the hard rock group Electric Sun, which released their self-titled album the following year. Roth and Electric Sun are getting ready to release the remastered edition of their debut album after he had to postpone his North American tour in July due to health difficulties. “Earthquake” by Electric Sun will be released globally for the first time via Uli’s record label, Alpha Experium.

In collaboration with Cargo Records Germany, Roth and his group announced earlier this year the establishment of their own independent record label, Alpha Experium. He declared in the statement that Alpha Experium will republish his band Electric Sun’s first two albums. The statement states that the albums’ titles are “Earthquake” (1979) and “Firewind” (1981). Gatefold vinyl will be their debut release format. Roth said the following to wrap up his announcement: “Uli and Alpha Experium are embarking on a new chapter of artistic freedom with this.” Uli Jon Ruth’s Electric Sun prepares for a UK tour following the release of their remastered record ‘Earthquake’. The tour will begin on November 30 in Cardiff and run through April 2024, featuring concerts in the United States.

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