Travis Barker Says, “I’m Not Practicing,” About His Last Talk With Taylor Hawkins

Travis Barker revealed to the Los Angeles Times the final discussion he had with Taylor Hawkins prior to his death on March 25, 2022, ahead of Blink-182’s next world tour in support of the new album “One More Time.” Since they both resided in the same San Fernando Valley neighborhood at the time, Hawkins recommended that Barker go mountain biking for exercise, and the member of Blink-182 offered to drum for fun. After then, their conversation went as follows:

“I’m not practicing,” Hawkins said. As good as I’m going to get, right now. Not at all f**king true. “You’re going to keep getting better, and you’re already a beast,” I assured him. The Friendship of the Two. Barker and his pal had been close since the beginning of Barker’s professional career. When discussing their relationship at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute Show in London, Dave Grohl brought up the fact that both bands had even shared an Australian tour at one point. Grohl echoed Hawkins’ assessment of Barker’s drumming abilities, saying:

“It seems that Taylor got to know this guy in his neighborhood while he was a f**king garbage man, and Taylor started going to his band’s performances when he was a little child. You’re going to be a star, man, Taylor would always assure him. You will become a celebrity. Years later, we ended up going on tour with his band, and he will now join us for a few songs on stage.

Barker’s Rememberances Of The Deceased Drummer.
Just before Foo Fighters’ concert in Bogotá, Colombia, Taylor Hawkins, 50, passed away in his hotel room. Travis Barker wrote a note on Instagram after his passing that was a reflection of their friendship:

“I will always cherish the times I spent in Laguna Beach as a trash man in a punk rock band, and you and Alanis Morissette were our performers.” When you saw me perform in dive bars, you would tell me, “Kid, you’re a star.” Although I initially believed you were insane, you gave me a great deal of hope and willpower. Recalling that he had “the best memories of smoking cigarettes in the restroom of flights we were on together and watching your set every night,” he said, speaking of Blink-182’s Australian tour with Foo Fighters: The following month, Barker shared another Instagram photo in which he was getting a hawk tattoo in honor of his deceased friend. He wrote, “Hawk forever,” as the caption.

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