Travis Barker says his lifelong dream about Phil Collins has finally come true

In a recent X post, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker expressed his excitement over performing Phil Collins’ iconic song ‘In the Air Tonight,’ a long-held goal of his. Barker expressed his joy and appreciation for Collins in his message, saying: “I’ve waited for this moment my entire life…” I just performed the most famous drum fill of all time at the Emmys. “I love you, Phil Collins.”

A tribute to television history.
The Emmy Awards opened with a spirited musical performance. Anthony Anderson, who stars in ‘Black-ish,’ played the piano, with a chorus and Barker providing backing. The stage at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles was created as ‘Mr. Anderson’s Neighborhood,’ an homage to the popular children’s show ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood’. After playing a variety of great TV show songs, from ‘Good Times’ to ‘The Facts of Life,’ the performance seamlessly transitioned to Collins’ 1981 hit, with Barker playing the drums.

Red Carpet Romance.
The Emmy ceremony was especially memorable for Barker’s red carpet entrance with his partner, ‘The Kardashians’ actress Kourtney Kardashian. They made their first public appearance together after the birth of their 3-month-old son, Rocky Thirteen. The couple, dressed in matching black suits and sunglasses, resembled the protagonists from ‘Men in Black’ and set a stylish example.

Addressing Rumors
This happened after Travis addressed reports about his influence in the Kardashian sisters’ conflict. In an October interview with the Los Angeles Times, he addressed suspicions about his prior obsession on Kim Kardashian, which he revealed in his 2016 biography. Barker remarked on the public’s tendency to overinterpret, saying:

“You give people a little information, and they believe they have solved the mystery of ‘why they’re fighting.'” “It’s ridiculous.” Barker claimed in his book that he found Kim to be quite attractive while dating Paris Hilton. He then explained that he divulged these things because it helped him move on from his past. Travis informed Kourtney that he and Kim used to chat, but nothing was wrong between them.

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