Travis Barker makes his Peloton debut as a musician

“Knowing that millions of people across the globe will watch me and Kendall do our thing is super exciting” After drumming during a fitness session, Travis Barker became the first musician to ever perform for Peloton. As part of the Peloton Blink-182 Artist Series, Barker drummed along to a 10-minute shadowboxing lesson taught by Kendall Toole yesterday, November 16, according to Billboard. Other seminars in the Blink-182 Artist Series will include a 30-minute cycling installment; however, Barker will not be playing live throughout the class. In a press release, Barker discussed the occasion and stated, “It has been an incredible experience to be the first musician to perform in a Peloton class.” It’s really thrilling to know that millions of people will be watching Kendall and me do our thing.

“Teaching alongside Travis was an absolute thrill,” said Toole, the shadowboxing instructor. Since Travis is someone I’ve listened to all my life and who shares my love of music and dance, working with him was easy and natural. The member of Blink-182 has performed in strange spaces before. Barker posted a video to TikTok earlier this month in which he is seen beating out drums to the heartbeat of his newborn kid. The video was captioned, “Practicing to my babies heartbeat,” by Barker. Soon after the video was released, admirers immediately posted comments on social media. In response to a moment from this year’s Barbie movie, one TiKTok user said, “This is giving Ken playing guitar at Barbie,” while another said, “That woulda driven me up the wall.” “Imagine being in the room next to this,” someone else remarked. In other news, Barker recently talked about his memories of the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. Barker said to The LA Times that he had chatted with Hawkins just prior to his passing. In March 2022, just hours before Foo Fighters were scheduled to play a festival in the city as part of a South American tour, 50-year-old Hawkins was discovered dead in his hotel room.

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