Tracii Guns responds to allegations that Nikki Sixx’s equipment was sold to pay off debt

While speaking with the fans on X, Tracii Guns clarified rumors that he had sold Nikki Sixx’s equipment to pay off his debts. Guns stated in 2011 that Dilana Robichaux, a former “Rock Star Supernova” finalist, will succeed Jizzy Pearl as the lead singer in his performance of “L.A.” However, Dilana departed the band after only 71 days and complained that she hadn’t received anything while he was working with Tracii. In response to that assertion, a user on the platform said to the rocker: “No God, go back to the bathroom and sell your 27K wagon or more of Nikki Sixx’s gear so you can finally pay Dilana the money you owe her,” the woman said. He answered to explain the circumstance “I have seen that you frequently act ignorant while implying that you are knowledgeable. After she complained about me being a harsh man a few years ago, Dilana requested me to work on a new project with her.

When he was poor, I sold Nikki’s equipment on his behalf. I don’t think there is a deity. An affectionate term is “rock god.” You claim to know me when you don’t, which is stalker behavior. Cut it out and praise the devil. While Mötley Crüe was on hiatus in 2002, Sixx and Guns started a hard rock supergroup named Brides of Destruction. They only put out two albums before breaking up in 2006. Sixx returned to Mötley Crüe as a result, and Guns concentrated on his other endeavors. The bassist accused Tracii of stealing a sizable sum of money, therefore their split wasn’t amicable. In a July 2022 interview with Alabama Life & Culture, Guns discussed his friendship with Sixx: “Nikki and I were exchanging such information frequently. I liked Mötley Crüe, and he preferred the L.A. Guns. I adore that music, despite the fact that my relationship with Nikki is messed up and I don’t care anymore. I adore the picture. I wouldn’t have done L.A. Guns if it weren’t for him and his ideas for the band. Without that band, I might not even be a successful musician. That is the real story. The tweets are displayed below.
I notice you often pretend to think you know what you’re talking about in a defamatory way. Dilana asked me to do a new project with her a few years back after she ranted about me being a mean man. I sold Nikki’s gear for him when he was broke. I don’t believe in any god. Rock…

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