Townshend, Pete Considering his health, Roger Daltrey “will probably need surgery”

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Pete Townshend recently discussed Roger Daltrey’s health issues and the possibility of surgery. When questioned about the Who’s upcoming intentions and endeavors, the guitarist noted: “With regard to The Who, Roger has a terrible knee that will likely require surgery, so any decisions we make right now about what to do next are uncertain to me. Yet he is singing quite well. In terms of politics as well as spiritual issues, he continues to be on the right side while I am on the left. essentially just life in general [laughs].” He also said that they might think about touring: “But he’s a nice guy and he works hard, and we’re thinking we might try and fill in some of the gaps left by the orchestral show, but, you know, I’m 78,” the performer said. Thus, I believe we will have to wait and see. I have to be careful what I say because I don’t want to make this solely about Roger’s aversion to novelty, but he definitely seems to be [laughs] terrified of novelty.

Townshend said that he had left the door open for future programs and endeavors: “He says, ‘Pete, you’ve created so many f*cking fantastic songs,’ to put it simply. He stated, for instance, “We’d have the best f*cking selection of stuff if we used your solo catalogue as part of the Who catalogue.” We already lack the two and a half hours necessary to play them. In his solo performances, he performs “Let My Love Open the Door” and, I believe, “Blue, Red and Grey.” Therefore, something could occur. But I’m not sure. During the conversation, Pete also shared his plans for a solo career. He once worked on a project called “Life House,” which was envisioned as a rock-opera concept record. Although it was never completed, it served as the inspiration for The Who’s album “Who’s Next,” which included popular songs like “Baba O’Riley” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again.

” An 11-disc box set honoring the endeavor includes a remastered version of “Who’s Next,” additional Who tracks, demos, a book written by Townshend and other experts, and a graphic novel that develops the “Life House” tale. In reference to what comes next for it, he said: “I don’t know what will happen with ‘Life House,’ other than the fact that a number of film and television studios have seen the graphic novel. And that’s fantastic because they’re all starting to get it now, I guess [laughter]. I do believe that the art installation component of it is still conceivably still a possibility. The musician also disclosed that he has been working on a new project dubbed “Age of Anxiety” for a long. He mentioned the interactive installation element of the idea. Townshend intends to finish this project, and he’s willing to use any emerging artificial intelligence (AI) tools or cutting-edge data manipulation technology.

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