Tool Releases Acryptic Video To Reveal Their Upcoming Plans

Recently, Tool made an announcement that excited their fan base. The band just released a 30-second film showcasing live performance footage and trippy images, hinting at a return to Europe and the UK in 2024. Tool’s social media post alluded to an announcement, even if the official tour dates are still unknown. Fans were urged to join the band’s official fan club, Tool Army, via social media posts in order to receive advance information about the impending tour.

The last UK tour for Tool took place in 2022. This statement comes after their final UK tour in 2022 in support of “Fear Inoculum,” their most recent album. Aside from a 2007 tour that took place at the 2019 Download Festival, Tool’s most recent UK tour ended in 2022. Tool’s current plans include gigs throughout the US and Canada in addition to Europe and the UK. The tour will end in Las Vegas on February 18, 2024. These performances come after their October headlining performance at the Power Trip event in Indio, California.

News About a New Tool Recording. In an interview from March 2022, drummer Danny Carey made the following suggestion about new music material being developed: “I’m confident that we won’t wait this long for the next one. Even some of the stuff from the last one that we’ll develop was still here. We have three or four new songs written already.

Furthermore, bassist Justin Chancellor disclosed when the group will most likely enter the studio and shared that they have multiple ideas in the works on The Vinyl Guide podcast: “We’re working on a lot of concepts. Nothing has been recorded as of yet. However, we have a lot on our plate until— I suppose till after the spring tour of next year. After that’s finished, we’re going to return to the studio and start assembling some of it. We’ve already had a couple of really good writing sessions. Thus, the components are ready. All we have to do is work really hard and use that time when we’re not on tour.

This announcement comes after a 13-year lapse between their albums “Fear Inoculum” (2019) and “10,000 Days” (2006). The Report Was Rejected By Maynard James Keenan. During a recent interview with Loudwire, Maynard James Keenan voiced his concerns about revealing new projects too soon. Keenan mentioned how careless this action was when he said: “I never talk about anything until we really hold it in our hands because, like in “Groundhog Day,” every time I say something aloud, it becomes farther away. I think it’s reckless to get people all up and enthused about something that doesn’t exist.

After a 13-year break between their albums “10,000 Days” (2006) and “Fear Inoculum” (2019), Tool hasn’t released any new material for fans to look forward to. Keenan at the Power Trip Festival Show with Tool In September, Keenan also talked about the difficulties of playing alongside Tool and Puscifer at festivals like Power Trip, when they performed alongside bands like Metallica and AC/DC. Upon being reminded of the show, he stated candidly:

I appreciate you reminding me. The onset of panic. Yes, there will be chaos. He went on to express his worries about sharing the stage with those well-known performers: “Having those folks on the same list as you is intimidating. The only thing you can really do is try not to stress about it and just kind of do what you do as best you can to avoid seeming ridiculous in front of these celebrities. Fans of Tool should keep an eye out for upcoming announcements and think about signing up for the Tool Army to receive updates on the band’s future endeavors. You can watch the teaser for the 2024 tour below.

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