Tony Iommi Discusses Retiring From Touring Due To Health Issues

In a recent appearance with Trunk Nation on SiriusXM, Tony Iommi, guitarist for Black Sabbath, spoke with Eddie Trunk about his personal health and his retirement from performing due to health difficulties. Since being diagnosed with lymphoma, Iommi has had to take things slowly. Despite numerous treatments, the guitarist remains concerned about his health. When he mentioned the diagnosis, the guitarist explained why he had to cancel the main tours: “Well, [the physicians] keep it in check. They constantly monitor your immune system to ensure that it is functioning properly. I take [vitamin] B12 shots, and I basically try to eat a little better and take better care of my health. That’s why I had to cancel these huge tours because they were long and late at night.” Going on shows day after day, he claimed, was bad for his health. He stated: “By the time you were done playing, especially when we were in the States, and we’d have a base, say, in New York for 10 days, and we’d have our own plane and fly out to different places and come back.” It’s three o’clock in the morning by the time we get back to the hotel. And the late hours were having an effect on me.”

The guitarist went on to describe what his doctors told him that would keep him from touring: “And my oncologist told me, ‘You know, you shouldn’t be flying as much and doing this much work.'” So that’s why I had to call it quits after 18 months of touring. But, yes, I enjoyed it – I enjoy touring, playing, and seeing the crowd. And I still want to play, but I won’t be able to do big tours like that. As I previously stated, maybe a week or two or whatever, but it’s difficult to do so because you have crews who work — you have top-notch workers, and you can’t expect them to do just two weeks. They want to go on a tour in the United States. But I’m sure I’ll go out and do something along those lines. I’ve been asked to handle a variety of tasks, so we’ll see what happens.” Though Iommi prioritizes his own health, he has voiced worry for Ozzy Osbourne’s. The singer previously revealed that he turned down an invitation from Black Sabbath to perform at this year’s Power Trip Festival because Osbourne was continually ‘in and out of’ hospitals. He stated:

“It’s difficult because Ozzy has been through a lot recently.” He’s been in and out of the hospital, and he’s been really fighting it; he really wants to go out there. But, in my opinion, it’s quite difficult to say yes. I also have to consider the members of the band. I need to think about Ozzy and see if he’s available to perform a show. So I wasn’t entirely at ease with it.” Ozzy Osbourne will perform at the festival, despite the fact that the band will not be performing. Ozzy Osbourne will perform at the festival, despite the fact that the band will not be performing. Iommi was unable to tour for extended periods of time following his illness. After his final Sabbath gig in 2017, the guitarist returned to the stage last year, reuniting with Osbourne to close the Commonwealth Games.

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