Tom Holland, the hero of Spider-Man, was spotted entering a charity shop not far from his new London residence.

Tom Holland, the star of Spiderman, was spotted entering a charity shop close to his new London home while carrying bags stuffed with clothing. Tom, a British actor, was seen putting old garments in the donation bin at a Cancer Research UK location in southwest London.

Tom, who is 26 years old, is best known for his role as Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, in the Marvel filmography. The Hollywood celebrity was born and raised in London; he attended school in Wimbledon and grew up in Kingston upon Thames.

The English actor is now giving back to his community after relocating to a lavish estate in Richmond. Tom was recently seen carrying bags packed to the brim with clothing into a charity shop in New Malden, according to the Daily Mail.

The actor was spotted in front of a Cancer Research UK location in New Malden. It is said that the star and his 26-year-old girlfriend Zendaya are sharing the six-bed apartment. Photos show the actor making many trips to the door while carrying a stack of cardboard boxes, two enormous transparent plastic bags, and two similar-sized bags.

The crates’ contents are unknown, but the bags look to be filled with worn-out clothing. Although there were also a few more colorful items visible, it appears that the majority of these are neutral pieces in black, white, and grey.

One of the bags may be seen in one image holding a pair of high-top Converse in mustard yellow. When new, these cost between £60 and £80. (at Schuh or Converse).

Among the donations is a bright blue item of apparel bearing a straightforward “LA” insignia in a serif font. A similar-looking item for males is available at Footlocker for £64.99, and it appears to be a fan sweatshirt or hoodie in support of the Los Angeles Dodgers, an American professional baseball team.

Tom dressed comfortably for the occasion with a navy sweatshirt, a pink t-shirt, and blue pants with an embroidered “Z” on the waistline. In addition, he was sporting a pair of 237 New Balance trainers and a dark pink baseball cap with the words “Bali National Golf Club” written backwards on it.

The identical red, green, and navy colorway (known as Marine) is no longer in stock on the website of the popular shoe company, but they are still available there starting at £93.69. Leather sneakers that resemble New Balance are also available for £45 at the British shop Marks and Spencer.

On the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2016, Tom and Zendaya became friends. After years of friendship, they were seen kissing in Tom’s car in July 2021, and they subsequently admitted they were dating.

The Mirror reported in February 2023 that Tom had bought the pair a £3 million home to live in together. According to reports, Tom will have a “man cave” and a gym in the six-bed house.

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