Three Films That Fans of Michael Jackson Must Watch

He is the all-time greatest pop star. Nobody did performance, dance, songwriting, and all-around searing style like Michael Jackson. Jackson could do it all. He was born into a musical family, rose to stardom as a child star, and then used that reputation to launch a successful solo career. However, that also didn’t stop the scandal and vile tales from spreading. Unfortunately, the artist also passed too quickly—at the age of 50—following health problems and documented addictions to pain and sleep aids. Regardless of his personal history or the circumstances surrounding his death, Jackson was still a superstar. As a result, we decided to screen three movies here that exemplified Jackson’s charisma, skills, and other qualities that attracted so many to him. So let’s get started right away. Jackson’s “Thriller” music video is arguably the most well-known example of its genre.

A scene from the movie that shows Jackson eating popcorn has been viewed millions of times and has also gained a lot of popularity online as a meme. Indeed, who hasn’t had some sort of history with the video? Thus, it’s possible that a lot of people would be curious to see how it was manufactured. Watch the 40-minute short film below to accomplish that. The massive music video project was partially funded by the film, which had its MTV debut. It’s an amazing look behind the scenes at one of the most talented artists in the world.

What might have been Michael Jackson’s concert tour is the subject of this documentary. Sadly, he passed away before the tour could begin. However, the tour’s final rehearsals and artwork are breathtaking in and of itself. In this fantastic film, fans can see what goes on behind the scenes in the production. It was decided to release the footage after Jackson passed away, even though none of it was intended for public distribution. Here’s a look at the This is It trailer.

Ahhh, the good old days. In this 1978 Motown version of The Wizard of Oz, Jackson, Diana Ross, and numerous other popular artists from the time are featured. Jackson and producer/arranger Quincy Jones also became friends as a result of the film; this collaboration resulted in a number of well-known songs and albums. Watch the campy, action-packed movie’s trailer below.

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