The ‘Wild Moment’ with Jimmy Page revealed by Royal Blood

On a recent episode of the Lipps Service podcast, Royal Blood discussed their friendship with Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. Frontman Mike Kerr responded when asked if they were communicating with Page: No texting, but he attended one of our very first New York performances, which was extremely early in our history. Having his kind of sign of approval was amazing because we had only recently been identified. Asked if he was a fan of Led Zeppelin by Scott Lipps, the performer responded: Oh, without a doubt. I used to just gaze at the speaker while listening to Led Zeppelin music. The Rock’N’Roll Soul Award was given to Jimmy Page at the 2015 NME Awards in Austin, Texas. The guitarist received his prize at London’s O2 Academy Brixton from Royal Blood. In his acceptance speech following the prize, Page had said: “I’d want to thank Royal Blood.

The fact that I am receiving this award is an honor, despite what they said. I have a lot of faith in Royal Blood. I’ve drawn inspiration from albums and my heroes for what I’ve been able to accomplish in music. Just now am I handing off the reins. I received the music and shared it. Being acknowledged by the guitarist must have felt like a “highlight moment” in their careers, Scott said when he mentioned that they awarded Page the medal. Mike remarked: Yes, he shares our obsession with music in this regard. We’d all be content to sit down and geek out over pedals, and I believe that whenever we’ve met someone who has inspired us or had a significant impact on us, it always comes back to the idea that we’re all working toward the same goal. Yes, the fact that we are all pursuing the same goal creates a compelling commonality. Below is a video of Mike Kerr’s interview with Lipps Service.

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