The Stevie Nicks Song That Insinuated Mick Fleetwood Needed to Get His ‘Act Together’

Both Stevie Nicks and Mick Fleetwood were in long-term relationships when they met. They ultimately started dating, but they didn’t wait till they were both single. As a result, the affair was messy and filled with drama. Nicks dedicated several songs to the relationship. She put a phrase in one encouraging Fleetwood to pull himself together.

Stevie Nicks’ song ‘Sara’ was inspired by her love with Mick Fleetwood.
Fans have interpreted Nicks’ 1979 song “Sara” as referring to several people. Some speculate that it is about her friend Sara, who started a relationship with Fleetwood. Others question if she penned it in reference to Don Henley. Nicks clarified the situation in 2009, revealing that the song was about her relationship with Fleetwood. “It’s not about Mick’s ex-wife, who was also one of my best friends, despite what everyone thinks,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “I used her name because I adore it, but it was really about what was going on with all of us at the time.” It was about Mick and my relationship, as well as one I entered following Mick.” The drummer was married with children at the time of her connection with Fleetwood. Nicks’ guilt about this put a strain on their relationship. She explained that she included a lyric in the song informing Fleetwood that she couldn’t be with him until he cleaned up his behavior.

“Some songs are about a lot of things, and some songs only have one or two lines that are the main thing, and then the rest of it, you’re just making a movie, writing a story around this one paragraph, that little kernel of life,” she explained. “‘When you build your house’ was about when you get your act together, then let me know, because until you get your act together, I really can’t be around you.” Stevie Nicks would have given her kid the name Sara. Another reason listeners assumed the song was about Henley was because Nicks’ child would have been named Sara. Nicks became pregnant while in a relationship with Henley. She had an abortion, but she already had a name. “If I had married Don and had that baby, I would have named her Sara if she had been a girl,” she told Billboard.

Nonetheless, Nicks stated that just because she loved the name did not imply that the song was about Henley or her pregnancy. Stevie Nicks penned a new song about Mick Fleetwood. Given that Fleetwood was one of her greatest loves, it stands to reason that Nicks composed more than one song about him. In 1983, she released the song “Beauty and the Beast” about him. “It was definitely about Mick, but it’s also based on the 1946 Jean Cocteau movie,” she explained. “I first saw it on TV one night when Mick and I were dating, and I always imagined Mick as being sort of Beauty and the Beast-esque, because he’s so tall and he had beautiful coats down here, and clothes made by little fairies up in the attic, I always imagined [laughs], so he was that character in a lot of ways.” It also fit our tale because Mick and I could never be together. Because A, Mick was married and subsequently divorced, which was bad, and B, Fleetwood Mac.” Despite their turbulent romantic past, the former couple remained close friends.

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