The singer expresses her concern for Hayley Williams

Avril Lavigne recently discussed Hayley Williams, the lead singer for Paramore. When Lavigne shared her experiences from September’s New York Fashion Week on WWD, she said she would dearly love to collaborate with Williams in the future. She recalled the second day of the performance, her dress, and disclosed that the Paramore musician was seated next to her. She uttered: We traveled to the Dion Lee event the following day. I was dressed in a trench from Luis, some knee-high boots, and an old T-shirt. I attended the event with Luis. It’s amazing to think that Hayley Williams and I first met during a fashion event. She was seated next to me. She is incredible, and I want to work with her in the future. Despite this being their first face-to-face encounter, they had previously communicated.

Williams thanked Lavigne in a letter for opening doors for “young women like her,” according to Lavigne. Williams and Lavigne have also been likened because they are both in female-fronted bands. Taylor York, the guitarist for the group, indicated that they will constantly be compared to bands with female front women. In the past, he said, they would have attempted to fight back, but now days they just laugh about it. When Lavigne spoke about meeting Williams for the first time, several fans believed they had already met because they had shared pictures of the two together. You can see the images that are confusing people below.

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