The Real Reason Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell Divorced Before Marilyn Manson’s Tragic Relationship

Why did Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell divorce after only 19 months of marriage, and is there any ill blood between them? Evan Rachel Wood has always been a wise and astute actor. She began her career as a kid, starring in the TV drama Once And Again, and has since startled audiences with harsh films such as Pretty Persuasion. As she grew older, she continued to choose interesting characters, such as Dolores on Westworld. The HBO drama elevated Wood’s profile and led to a close friendship with co-star James Marsden. The actress has been in the public glare for a long time, and her personal life has recently become tragic. It was upsetting to learn about Wood’s alleged assault of Marilyn Manson. Wood’s family life with her child Jack has changed since her ex-husband Jamie Bell now has custody. Why did Evan Rachel Wood divorce Jamie Bell after only two years of marriage? What Caused Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell’s Divorce? Was Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell’s divorce as bad as other celebrity splits? It certainly does not appear to be the case. In fact, as far as breakups go, this one doesn’t seem so horrible. They have always tried to safeguard the happiness of their son Jack, and they appear to have succeeded. Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood’s divorce was made public in 2014.

They divorced after 19 months of marriage, according to Us Weekly. “Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell have decided to separate,” someone said on their behalf to Us Weekly. They adore and respect one another and will, of course, continue to co-parent their son. The choice was mutual, and the two remain good friends.” The couple never discussed their divorce, and fans were left in the dark as to why. According to the statement issued to Us Weekly, the relationship simply ended. There has never been any mention of either star having an affair in the years since this declaration. They have never spoken anything negative about one another. While divorce is never easy, Bell and Wood seemed to handle their break as well as they could. The actress previously stated that she does not want to divorce. While she never discussed her divorce from Jamie Bell in depth, it must have been a traumatic event. It also appears that when Wood ended her marriage, she reflected on the trauma that her own family experienced. In an interview with The Telegraph in 2011, Evan Rachel Wood discussed her family as well as her career thus far. She stated that her parents divorced when she was nine years old. “It was devastating being separated from my brothers,” Wood added. I don’t think I’d ever get a divorce if I had children.

I would reach an agreement with my husband and stick to it. It’s just confusing; your entire life’s schedule has been thrown entirely out of whack. Nobody is explaining what’s going on to you since you’re so young. Now that I’m older, I understand that stuff happens between people from time to time. It’s just a pity.” Of fact, even couples who have the greatest of intentions to stay together end up divorcing. It can’t always be avoided, and Wood and Bell shouldn’t feel awful about their decision. There were no indications that anything was awry between Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell prior to the announcement. Bell told ABC News in 2014 that he was content with his marriage. He also mentioned how lovely it had been to raise Jack, who was a baby at the time. “It’s tricky, sometimes you’re exhausted, actually a lot of the time you’re exhausted,” the actor explained, “but I am very blessed.” I have a healthy son, a wonderful wife, and a nice job. In many respects, I’m living the dream.” Bell was filming his TV show Turn in April 2014. He told that Wood and their son Jack would come to the television set, implying that they were a tight family. “Yep, it’s been great,” he added. My wife is also an actor. I’m really glad she’s not working right now so we can spend this time together. And [it’s] really essential time together: the kid’s around five months old, and I just feel like it’s so vital that both of us are around so the connection is deep and formed.” Did Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell Remain Friends After Divorce? Divorces frequently go one of two ways.

A couple may decide to never talk to each other again after a devastating breakup. Of course, when one or more children are involved, this can be difficult, if not impossible. Then there’s the amiable divorce, in which both parties are polite, kind, and thoughtful. According to a 2014 Us Weekly report, Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood were still friends at the time of their divorce. Did the stars maintain their friendship after their divorce? They’ve both been relatively quiet about how well they’ve gotten along lately. However, it appears that Wood and Bell’s son Jack has spent a lot of time with Bell’s other children. This means that everything went as smoothly as the actors had intended. Jamie Bell later married Kate Mara in 2017. They have two young children. While Bell does not speak much about his divorce from Evan Rachel Wood, he does express his undying love for Kate Mara. Us Weekly stated in 2019 that Wood and Bell’s son Jack enjoyed seeing Bell and Mara’s daughter. Bell described the child as “amazing.” “Protective, tremendously protective.” Wood, on her part, has expressed her feelings for Bell. “Jamie’s lovely,” she stated in 2015. “He was the love of my life,” reports. Although it’s safe to believe Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell never wanted to divorce, they appear to have handled the situation well. While Bell is content with his new marriage, Wood has been struggling with the pain of her relationship with Marilyn Manson.

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