The Radical Suggestion From Angus Young To Make Yes Less Boring

Bands are viewed differently by the public and the media, but AC/DC in particular received criticism in the late 1970s for not taking their profession seriously. The band’s guitarist, Angus Young, said in the Classic Rock issue 115 that despite the criticism of their stage appearance, they still took the band and their performances seriously—just not to the point where they stopped having fun. The guitarist justified their deliberate on-stage conduct and stated that those “serious” bands’ shows typically lacked excitement. He clarified: “I don’t know anyone who has attended a performance by one of those serious bands and loved it. They may claim it was fantastic and the music was excellent, but they were bored during the set and were afraid to confess it.

Young used Yes as an example and discussed what the performers needed to do on stage to keep him engaged and from leaving. Added him: “If I went to see someone who was’musical,’ I would snore uncontrollably. I would eventually make my way to the bar. If a band like Yes didn’t have some Sheila stripping off, it would be boring to see. The rocker also made the point that the light spectacle Yes puts on during their live shows can’t hold the crowd’s attention during the entire set. Angus carried on: “Yes, most likely with a spectacular light show.

Although I’ve never seen them, I imagine they employ a light display to mask the fact that their music is monotonous and they aren’t making people jump. With their visual performances clothed in “kaftans and beads,” and of course the onstage nudity that brought them in conflict with the law, Hawkwind were labeled as the radicals of 1970s rock by Angus. Even though Hawkwind chose an unconventional approach to their on-stage presence, according to Angus, everyone took their efforts seriously. Rock musician: “Well, Hawkwind did that even then! That demonstrates how desperate they had to get and yet people still take them seriously.

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