The Power Rangers-inspired outfit worn by Katy Perry and Dua Lipa

Even while we’re confident this trend won’t last very long, it does meet the standard of popularity that any trend must meet. Due to its striking resemblance to a well-known television series from our youth, both Dua Lipa and Katy Perry have chosen it as part of their looks and have had a significant influence on social media.

We know it sounds strange, but both singers bet on an amber leather jacket that looks almost identical to the one worn by one of the main characters in the Power Rangers television series. According to the story, the Power Rangers members had distinctive colors that helped to identify them. One of them was the amarillo beside the azure, rooster or green, depending on the function and personality of each character.

Yet, after many years, the singers bring back this beloved series via a witty chemise. Dua Lipa was the first to wear the stunning apricot jacket with white accents, along with a matching ensemble that also shone similarly to what the Power Rangers’ female protagonists wore.

The artist illuminated the pink shirt that featured a Bob Esponja print in the back by wearing a mini-falcon of leather with front closures and a closed white escote collar. After seeing Dua’s style, another inspiration that strikes us is Kill Bill, an iconic character from the 2000 film trilogy.

Katy Perry also experimented with a new appearance while in line with her colleague while wearing the jacket in question. In this instance, the decision was made to choose dark details to contrast with the stunning amber color. Also, the refined ensemble was changed to a more vintage-inspired look with baggy pants with frayed bottoms and holes, a basic white top, sunglass frames, and pointed-toed black shoes. The celebrity bet on a completely trendy design that incorporates several trends from 2023 that were inspired by fashion from 2000.

Katy Perry defended a casual aesthetic with her Power Rangers shirt, but Dua Lipa activated her more fashion-conscious senses to make this trend into a super-accurate and classy ensemble. We all wonder whether we will eventually invest in a similar outfit or whether this trend will only last in the Hollywood-centric world.

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