The One Thing Linkin Park ‘Sucked’ At, According to Mike Shinoda

Mike Shinoda, a member of Linkin Park, recently spoke with NME about his brand-new solo song, “Already Over.” The rocker revealed that the band’s best songs were written using a method similar to his solo work while he was discussing his newest single. He clarified: “I generally write my own songs the same way I write with Linkin Park. More songs than I’ve ever created with the band, I’ve always composed on my own. Mike continued by explaining to the band members how he came up with the hits that they all know and love. Added him: “Normally, the procedure with Linkin Park would be for me to create more instrumental demos.

Sometimes I’d think, “OK, this demo isn’t going to sound like it’s going to be presentable until Chester sings it,” so I’d get him to sing before we played it for the rest of the group. The rocker admitted that since the band members’sucked’ at songwriting, the Linkin Park hits didn’t result from all of them getting together to write a song. He admitted that when he works on song ideas alone, he comes up with the best ones. Mike carried on: “People assume that bands simply get together and jam out a tune, but we have never done that. We were awful at that. Over the years, we gave it a number of tries, but it was never successful. Most of my best ideas occur to me when I’m working alone.

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