The One “Secret” Rule Behind Guns N’ Roses’ Success, Explained by Duff McKagan

Guns N’ Roses’ “secret” to success was revealed by Duff McKagan in a recent interview with Reverb. Many people don’t know about the band’s rigorous effort prior to their success, according to McKagan. He emphasized that the band’s success was a result of both their unwavering commitment to their profession and their rock ‘n’ roll and debaucherous lifestyle. He declared: It may not be widely known, but early Guns N’ Roses practiced twice a day, even up to this day. All we fucking did was that. We thus worked on the locations of Slash’s and Izzy (Stradlin)’s guitars for those particular portions. Each individual would discover their own space, and Steven (Adler, drums) wouldn’t overtake someone else’s lick. “Appetite for Destruction” was really well-thought-out in every detail. Then someone said, “Just play it and start a rock band.”

He continued by emphasizing how many rehearsals they had completed. He went on: However, we were ready. We were able to record the first and second takes of “Appetite” because we practiced so much. It sounds raggedy, fierce, and loose. That’s it, like, why do three? We’re doing fine!

Axl Rose’s Business Ethics. Guns N’ Roses survival was greatly aided by Axl Rose, who is still in the band. In spite of appearances, Guns N’ Roses members have frequently complimented Rose’s professionalism in recent years. Speaking to Classic Rock Magazine in 2022, Slash discussed Axl Rose’s creative process following the Guns N’ Roses 2016 reunion. He declared:

“During the years that we have been apart, he has developed into an extremely skilled professional. And throughout the entire duration, he hasn’t missed a beat. Thus, it’s been fantastic. Over the past six years, something called a synergy has occurred that did not exist during our initial iteration. Duff McKagan discussed the impact Rose’s increased professionalism has had on him in a 2019 interview with Q104.3. He declared:

I have had to put in a lot more effort because of what I have seen. He has an animal of a work ethic. He’s working out in the gym. He begins one and a half hours before the voice warm-ups. We perform for three and a half hours. When the tour started, he shattered his foot, but he didn’t say, “Let’s stop.” “Let’s continue; I’ll do it sitting down,” he said. Axl’s approach to his job has changed as his career has advanced, even though this was not always the true for him in the beginning.

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