The Machine Gun Kelly Apologizes to Fans for Breaking His Promise

Machine Gun Kelly expressed his disappointment on Twitter over not being able to achieve the goal he set for himself with his body and not being able to display it to his fans. Following the announcement of two US gigs, the singer tweeted on July 28: “I began working out. Hold me accountable if I don’t have abs by the time we meet again in September.” However, it appears that Kelly was unable to achieve his objective of having abs, since he just updated his previous promise to his admirers and announced once more on Twitter: “I think I need a different diet strategy; I worked very hard for these shows and didn’t miss a workout day, but they aren’t poking out enough yet.” Lol.” Fans responded to his message by showing their support for the rocker and encouraging him to keep practicing because it would take time to grow his body the way he desires. One of them stated: “Progress comes over time, and it can be faster or slower for different people.

It is dependent on a number of factors. I’m sure you’re doing a fantastic job and giving it your all! Continue with your workouts and, if necessary, revise your nutrition strategy.” Another fan advised Kelly on how to achieve his aim, saying: “Bulk up on protein and get enough rest.” Kelly will do two more gigs in South America after performing in Connecticut and New Jersey on September 7 and 9, one in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 2 and the other in Sao Paulo, Brazil on November 4.

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