The Last Word From Jon Bon Jovi To Richie Sambora

After Richie Sambora abruptly quit Bon Jovi in 2013, rumors about his possible departure from the band began to form. Although the guitarist later claimed that he had quit the band to concentrate on his family and personal life, these claims did not put an end to reports that he and former bandmate Jon Bon Jovi were getting into a “feud.” So, the frontman was questioned about the “rumored” feud between him and Richie during a press conference in 2016. Following that query, Bon Jovi made the decision to address his former bandmate and admitted whether he missed him: “Yeah. [I do.] There was no fight, I swear, on both my career and my children. He can’t deal with his [he waves an imaginary bottle] troubles.

There are duties. You’re not twenty. You need to appear. The singer continued by explaining how he had given Sambora an ultimatum: “Okay, get aid. I am here to assist. Do you reject the assistance? Nobody can be made to adopt a certain lifestyle by myself. Despite the frontman’s claim that there were no conflicts over Richie’s departure, it’s likely that Bon Jovi felt let down after his bandmate ignored his ultimatum to assist him with his problems. But given that Richie recently said he was eager to reunite with his old band, it appears that the tension between the bandmates may be at an end.

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