The Jimmy Page Album That ‘Disappointed’ John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones did not appear to look back after the disbandment of Led Zeppelin in 1980. Not as frequently as his old comrades, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. The bassist collaborated with a variety of artists, including Brian Eno and Marc Bolan, and seems to frequently dabble with jazz, blues, and rock in his collaborations and solo works. So, in 2010, while speaking with Guitar Magazine about his passion of ‘experimenting,’ the host asked Jones if he believed his colleagues, Plant and Page, had also evolved musically and’reached out’ in the same way he had. However, the rocker responded indifferently: “No, they’re not reaching out like I am because I am me and they are them.” I haven’t heard Page and the Black Crowes; he could be playing blues for all I know.

” Jones then explained why he was dissatisfied with Plant and Page’s 1998 collaboration album, ‘Walking into Clarksdale:’ “I heard ‘Walking into Clarksdale,’ by Page and Plant, and was disappointed that there wasn’t more Page on it.” I enjoy hearing a lot of Page. But they continue to do what they are doing. “They’re not bothering me.” Despite the bassist’s disappointment that the album did not include more of Page’s riffs, the album was a commercial triumph and received a Grammy for ‘Best Hard Rock Performance’ for the song ‘Most High.’ Plant also re-recorded an album track with Alison Krauss in 2007 for their Grammy-winning album ‘Raising Sand.’

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