The guitarist for Whitesnake slams Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley’s egos

Adrian Vandenberg, Whitesnake’s guitarist, recently described the band’s tour with Kiss in an interview with Border City Rock Talk. During the conversation, he mentioned that Kiss members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley were unhappy about being asked to open for them during their Canadian tour. Vandenberg offered this memory of the band opening for Ozzy Osbourne: “We played Canada with Whitesnake, and Kiss was there to support us.” Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons’ egos…” The interviewer’s surprise at the rocker’s statements was mirrored on the screen, with him hinting that the members of Kiss were ‘humble.’ The rocker was opposed and stated: “No, aside from Canada and a few others.” They didn’t like it because they were designed as’support.’ They didn’t enjoy being programmed as special guest support or whatever. So they began screaming and shouting at the audience, saying, ‘Man, those guys from Whitesnake, they don’t want us to use our inflatable- our props.’ They called it [props], but it was inflatables and fakes.

” The guitarist explained why they wouldn’t let the band use their props on stage: “Why not blow up anything?” But there was no room on stage, we couldn’t help ourselves, and I don’t care. I don’t mind if they inflate Grandma. But because they couldn’t fit these items on stage, they weren’t happy campers.” The bands’ financial troubles were highlighted, and the interviewer recommended raising funds for Kiss, which the Whitesnake guitarist agreed with and said: “I believe so, yeah.” I believe they are nearing the end of their financial resources. But, certainly, I think a GoFundMe would be a wonderful cause. I’m sure GS, you know the guy, would find a way to make it work as well. I’m confident he would.” Vandenberg previously expressed his discontent with Kiss’s tour. Earlier this year, while reflecting on the band’s first American tour with Osbourne, the rocker remarked that his tour with the Black Sabbath frontman was insane, unlike the one he performed with Kiss. Check out the video interview below.

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