The group Lemmy Kilmister described as a mix of AC/DC and Janis Joplin

Lemmy Kilmister, the late iconic founder, bassist, and singer of Motörhead, had a long career in the music industry before forming his own band in 1975. Before joining Hawkwind, the most well-known band he was a part of before making it with Motörhead, his career began playing in local bands like The Rockin’ Vickers and he also had the opportunity to be Jimi Hendrix’s roadie. Lemmy had the good fortune to see the evolution of Rock and Roll throughout the course of his career, which spanned more than five decades until his passing in 2015 at the age of 70. He witnessed the formation of numerous bands up close, and he became an instant fan of one that was more recent. The musician went so far as to compare them to a cross between AC/DC and Janis Joplin. The group It was described as a hybrid of AC/DC and Janis Joplin by Lemmy Kilmister.

Lemmy was renowned for being a very sincere person in addition to being one of the most important bassists, singers, and songwriters of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. So, while talking about other bands, he always spoke the truth, and he would freely express his dislike for a band. He criticized numerous bands like Slipknot and Limp Bizkit at the start of the twenty-first century because he wasn’t thrilled with the direction new bands were taking heavy music. He even claimed they were a cross between Janis Joplin and AC/DC, but there was a lesser-known band that he genuinely adored. In response to the question of how many new bands had captured his eye during an interview with Ear Candy magazine in 2000, he replied: “Not many. Have you heard any others outside the English band Skunk Anansie? The ship is Virgin. Additionally, the Skwskian from Berlin are comparable to both AC/DC and Janis Joplin, according to Lemmy. The Motörhead singer concurred with the interviewer’s observation that less talented bands were emerging each year. “That’s accurate, and I don’t see why individuals like Limp Bizkit are tolerated. I don’t know how they do it.

What the hell is this, it’s garbage! You are merely parking lot attendants wearing gas masks, and I don’t mind youngsters doing their own thing at all. When you’re 17, you don’t want these old fuckers like me playing for you; you want a 17-year-old band. Although I do recognize it, Slipknot are just terrible. And I know bullshit when I hear it, you know, I’ve listened to it my entire life, you know? And that’s garbage, I assure you, and it serves as a prime illustration. Many of these new bands only have riffs for songs. I was raised to appreciate music. An excellently written tune. Lemmy Kilmister stated, “Like the Beatles were doing ‘Yesterday’ when they were five years into their career. He loved Skunk Anansie because they were one of his favorite bands, so he was thrilled when they came back again.

Lemmy was a constant supporter of Skunk Anansie throughout his life and they were founded in London, England, back in 1994. They didn’t start being active until 2001, and in their first seven years, they put out three albums. They didn’t get together again for another seven years, but once they did, they stayed together and released three more albums, the most recent of which being “Anarchytecture” in 2016. Deborah “Skin” Dyer (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Mark Richardson (drums), Martin “Ace” Kent (guitar), and Richad “Cass” Lewis (bass) make up the band. Metal Insider asked Lemmy the same question regarding new bands in 2011, and he gave the same response. He brought up Skunk Anansie once more. “Yeah, there are a few, but by’recently’ I mean the past two or three years. The fact that Skunk Anansie reconnected was one of the things I found most fascinating. Do you recognize them? In response to the interviewer’s admission that he didn’t know them well, Kilmister said, “Ah, well, they broke up ten years ago and just reformed with all of the original members.” He went on: Additionally, they have some of the best music.

Do you want me to give you the names of a few of their albums? The title of the debut album is Paranoid And Sunburnt. The title of the second album is Stoosh. Post Orgasmic Chill is the third album (laughter). Wonderlustre is the title of the upcoming album, according to Lemmy Kilmister. The artist shared his top albums from their discography during the same conversation. “Well, naturally, the choice is between ‘Paranoid And Sunburnt’ and ‘Post Orgasmic Chill’. They’re really, really good, dude. Skunk Anansie, according to Lemmy Kilmister, may be his favorite band. When Lemmy liked a band or musician, he genuinely liked them. He wasn’t the easiest person to please musically. Therefore, when he said Skunk Anansie might be his favorite band in an interview with Stay Thirsty in 2011, he meant it.

The band had just released “Wonderlustre” (2010), their fourth studio album overall and first since their reunification. “Skunk Anansie reformed, which is great news for me, you know?,” Lemmy stated in reference to that. They might be my favorite band. I recently visited them when they were in London. “You know they made amends, don’t you? The day before we played Brixton Academy, I saw them in London. We descended because they were playing. They were really fantastic. She exits on the shoulders of the crowd. Just in case you didn’t get it the first time, twice. You know, just in case you’re at the pub or whatever. Lemmy Kilmister praised them, “They were really good. Their most well-known songs include “Charity,” “Hedonism,” and “Selling Jesus.” In total, they are thought to have sold more than 5 million records.

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