‘The GOAT’ Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis Reunite for ‘True Lies’

At a charity event over the weekend, the actress and the former California governor posed for pictures together. It’s exactly like 1994 again! Nearly 30 years after their hit movie first debuted in theaters, Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger reconnected as True Lies co-stars over the weekend. To celebrate, Curtis, 64, even posted some adorable images of the pair on her Instagram page. The Oscar-winning actress and the 76-year-old former governor of California spent time together on Saturday at a fundraising event for the organization After-School All-Stars, which helps low-income youngsters. “I’m Ingeborg, and I’m from Stuttgart. Curtis gushed on Instagram, “I LOVE the way my pals suit up and show up for the issues that stir their souls and hearts. “I adore Arnold, and @schwarzenegger LOVES @afterschoolallstars!” THE GOAT!” The Terminator actor sported a black T-shirt and some high socks while Curtis wore a German dirndl outfit and a flower crown. The two also took pictures with chef Hans Rockenwagner, who was appropriately attired and fit the scene.

Nearly a year had passed since the lifelong friends’ last public get-together, which was held at Curtis’ hand-and-footprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood in October 2022. Schwarzenegger praised Curtis’ performance in True Lies from all those years ago and called her the “most extraordinary actress” who could “kick some serious ass” during the event, when the two had a friendly kiss. Schwarzenegger, who portrayed the movie’s spy Harry Tasker, remarked, “When you go online and check out Jamie Lee Curtis, you can see all the lovely things they’re saying about her. “But there’s always one thing that really pisses me off, and that is when they say that she is a supporting actress in the movie True Lies.” “Because she was the female lead and wasn’t just supporting. The focus was on her. I was co-starring with her,” he continued.

After winning her award, Curtis spoke with Entertainment Tonight and shared her thoughts on what it meant to see her friend show up in support of her. She stated that she wouldn’t be adverse to working with Schwarzenegger again at the time. Never miss a story again; subscribe to PEOPLE’s free daily newsletter to receive the best of the magazine’s content, including juicy celebrity news and gripping human interest tales. “I was inspired to work with him again after that. When I approached him, I asked, “Dude, why aren’t we making another movie?” She said, alluding to James Cameron, “I’m going to phone Jim today. True Lies, of course, went on to become quite a hit. Box Office Mojo reports that the movie made over $146 million worldwide, earning over $25 million in just its first weekend of release in 1994. True Lies also garnered Curtis a Golden Globe nomination for best actress and an Oscar nomination for outstanding visual effects.

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