The Elvis Presley Song That Made John Lennon Hate Elvis Presley

During the 1960s, a popular TV show called ‘Juke Box Jury’ allowed its visitors to rate newly released songs based on their potential for success. In 1963, John Lennon appeared on this show with Bruce Prochnik and Katie Boyle. However, it wasn’t long before his comments on Elvis Presley sparked some controversy. Throughout the program, Lennon gave a thumbs down to every song, including ‘Devil In Disguise.’ In fact, he made a statement about the song, saying: “Well, you know, I used to be crazy about Elvis, like all the other groups, but not anymore.” This bothers me. And I despise songs with the words ‘walk’ and ‘speak’ in them — you know, those lyrics. She walks and speaks. That bothers me. And I’m not a fan of the double beat: doom-cha doom-cha. It’s dreadful. [Pause] Elvis, poor Elvis.” In response to his last sentence, Prochnik stated: “Your heart bleeds for him.” The singer then explained: “Well, I have all of his early records, and I keep listening to them.” He must not repeat this mistake.

But, as someone pointed out today, he suddenly sounds like Bing Crosby. People will be writing in right now. [Comically in a low, slow voice] ‘What d’ya mean!?’ I know what they’re saying. “I no longer like him.” According to reports, sentiments were reciprocated once Lennon met Presley two years after the show. The ‘Jailhouse Rock’ singer turned against President Lyndon B Johnson because of his antiwar views and criticism of him at their first encounter at Graceland. According to author Chris Hutchins, Elvis Presley even collaborated with FBI Director Edgar Hoover to have Lennon and other Beatles members deported from the United States. Nonetheless, the tension subsided with time, and the two reached an agreement. Their initial meeting, however, was their last, since they never met again.

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