The Dark Side of Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s Relationship is Visible in the New “Priscilla” Trailer

The Priscilla Presley biopic by Sofia Coppola premieres on November 3. The official trailer for the movie Priscilla has been released, exactly one month before the narrative is presented in cinemas all over the world. As a result, viewers get to see Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi assume the roles of the most well-known pair in rock and roll. The plot of Priscilla was adapted by Coppola, who also penned the screenplay, from Presley’s 1985 autobiography Elvis and Me. It takes a hard look at how Elvis courted the adolescent Priscilla Beaulieu, how their relationship developed, and how turbulent their love was. As stated by the film’s distributor A24, “Through Priscilla’s eyes, Sofia Coppola tells the unseen side of a great American myth in Elvis and Priscilla’s long courtship and turbulent marriage, from a German army base to his dream-world estate at Graceland, in this deeply felt and ravishingly detailed portrait of love, fantasy, and fame.

” The Priscilla clip shows the alternate viewpoint of the well-known love story. Elvis controls the young Priscilla, dictating her appearance, including her choice of clothing, hairstyle, and makeup. Additionally, as the late musician lashes out at his young bride, spectators see a glimpse of his explosive anger. In November, the movie will have a broad distribution. But last month, it had its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival. Presley attended the film’s premiere. She applauded Coppola’s film adaptation of her memoir after seeing it, according to Pitchfork. “Sofia did an amazing job, she did her homework,” she exclaimed.

“I really put out everything for her,” Presley continued. After the successful biopic Elvis, this movie is released. The voice of the King of Rock and Roll won’t be heard in this movie, unlike in another one. It will instead feature renditions of the King’s songs. None of the late rocker’s songs will be featured in the movie, according to Elvis Presley Enterprises. Regarding the company that controls the majority of Elvis’ brand, Coppola remarked, “They don’t like projects they haven’t originated, and they’re protective of their brand.” The writer-director stated of the choice, “It made us be more creative.”

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