The ‘Dark Acts Of Barbarism’ Are Resisted By Geddy Lee And Alex Lifeson

In a recent joint Instagram post, Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee criticized the most recent “surprise” attack on Israel by Hamas. In a statement, Lifeson said: Geddy and I are appalled by reports of the heinous crimes and horrible cold-blooded killings carried out by the terrorist organization Hamas, which is devoted to eradicating the Jewish state and its citizens. The musician continued, denouncing the “dark acts of barbarism” and expressing sympathy for Jews:

“As the Jewish people worldwide and the people of Israel comprehend these terrible events, our hearts bleed for them. There is no justification for these repugnant acts of savagery. He continued by expressing sympathy for the “innocent souls” in Gaza: As a result of the activities of this despicable terrorist dictatorship, “our hearts also go out to all innocent souls in Gaza who have lost their lives, been hurt, or been placed in danger.” View Lifeson’s comment right here. You can read Lee’s statement, which is essentially the same as his bandmate’s, here as well.

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