The battle that Amy Lee had with Evanescence was “Finding A Rapper”

Amy recently spoke with Revolver Magazine about the struggles she has had from the beginning of Evanescence. She changed the tone of her answer by saying that the largest argument she had ever been in was about “finding a rapper for Evanescence.” Says she: We had a lot to fight for. Our main argument stemmed from the fact that we were meant to conduct tryouts and hire a rap-rocker full-time to rap on eight of the album’s eleven tracks.

Amy Lee discussed Evanescence’s highly successful 2003 album “Fallen,” which was released. Fallen is not the band’s best record, in Amy Lee’s opinion. The band is commemorating the album’s 20th anniversary by producing an anniversary album just for this occasion. Amy explains: Since they’re all unique, I’m not sure whether I could arrange them in any particular sequence. Fallen isn’t, in my opinion, our best work. since it’s our most recent creation. I was still figuring out how to compose music. It is astounding and lovely that some of those were written when we were very little, and I adore it. However, you develop and gain more experience.

Amy went on to say the following, contrasting the period of time she spent creating Fallen with that of “The Bitter Truth,” which was published in 2021: Because I was younger and hadn’t experienced as much as I have now, I feel like I have more to say than I did back then. Additionally, via writing with a large group of people and performing live, as well as through the overall experience of having so much time.

I also write for myself all the time. We are the writers. I am confident that if I love it, others will too. I never ask myself, “Well, how can I please the fans?” Of all my albums, I genuinely adore The Bitter Truth the most. And I hope that feeling will stay with me when we’re working on our next record. The Most Flaw in “Fallen”
Amy, who conducted a thorough analysis of “Fallen,” continued the discussion by discussing his least favorite track from the album, saying:

Most likely “Tourniquet.” However, I don’t detest any of them. I feel nothing and I don’t listen [aggressively sighs]. I use the demonstrations for that. For example, there are songs from before Fallen that fans can request forever, and I will never formally release them because they were dropped for a reason. They are inferior! I can actually listen to Fallen and appreciate every minute of it. Still, I’m proud of what we accomplished. Approved for New Projects in Evanescence. The group, who has had a packed concert schedule for the past two years, finished their South American tour two weeks ago. According to Amy Lee, the group was eager to release new music during this period since they had many ideas for new projects.

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