The Basketball Challenge Michael Jackson Made to Michael Jordan

Along with playing basketball, Michael Jordan also tried his hand at acting in music videos by collaborating with Michael Jackson for the song “Jam.” The pair’s 1992 release of their joint work was a huge hit. Both Michael Jacksons were shown imparting advice to one another in the original music video. Jordan watched Jackson play basketball while teaching the NBA great how to move like him. The performer’s comments regarding working with Michael Jordan are as follows: “I had the opportunity to work with Michael Jordan, the greatest sports legend of all time. It was so terrible that we had to play one on one. The goal was for him to teach me how to play basketball and for me to teach him how to dance, and he never missed. Jordan was experiencing the same emotions that Jackson experienced when he and Jackson had their one-on-one, which Jackson had called “embarrassing.

” Before agreeing to collaborate with Michael Jackson on the project, the NBA player discussed his thoughts about it. He stated: I initially responded, ‘I don’t know if I want to do this. This guy will try to get me out there to dance, and that’s going to be incredibly awkward.’ I responded, “Well, shoot, it’s Michael Jackson,” though. When would you ever get the chance to work on his video while also having a chance to get to know him socially for a little while? So I had a change of heart and did it. Below is a video of Michael Jackson’s song “Jam.”

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