The Bad Seeds and Nick Cave are “mixing” their upcoming record

It is going to be the sequel to ‘Ghosteen’ in 2019. According to Cave, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds are set to begin mixing their upcoming album. After finishing his most recent solo tour in North America, the singer revealed on Facebook that he will soon “head to Buffalo to mix the new Bad Seeds album.” Cave announced in July that he was “finishing” the new album he was leading with the group he founded in 1983. He informed followers in a post on his Red Hand Files website that he would be taking a little hiatus from answering fan inquiries in order to wrap up work on the record. He responded to a fan who inquired about soulmates, saying, “Thank you for your kind words. But before I answer, I’d like to let everyone know that I am now back in the studio finishing the new Bad Seeds record.” At a Chicago concert last month, he made his song premiere, “To Be Found.” He wrote the following about the song on his website: “The song is a special one, full of undefined emotional impact and a great pleasure to play. The sentiment is simple and softly spoken, the song unable to even declare its name.” I believe I will refer to the song as “To Be Found.” In October of last year, he revealed that he was going to begin creating a new album during a Q&A session on stage at London’s Southbank Center.

Then, at the beginning of 2023, he revealed some early lyric ideas for the follow-up to 2019’s “Ghosteen” and acknowledged that work was in progress. He stated in a January post that he began writing on New Year’s Day at nine in the morning. It’s January 6 now. I have written a couple things in the past week, but I’m not sure if they are very good or not,” he remarked. Cave called the new work “different all the time” and “just so instantly interesting” in an interview with NME earlier this summer. In addition, he expressed doubt that the group and he could record “an old-school Bad Seeds record where it’s basically a rock band playing.” “I don’t see that happening,” he continued. We’re not going back to that classic rock’n’roll sound, not that this forthcoming [Bad Seeds] album is ambient—far from it. I simply have lost all knowledge of how to accomplish it. He also mentioned the possibility of a new record from Grinderman, the garage rock side project. In another instance, Cave remembered feeling “high” when performing on Top Of The Pops with Kylie Minogue. Recently, the singer-songwriter collaborated with Blondie, another pop icon, on a rendition of Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s “On the Other Side” from The Gun Club.

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