Teemu Mäntysaari’s First Statement in the Public Following Kiko Loureiro’s Replacement in Megadeth

Due to family matters, guitarist Kiko Loureiro had already informed us that he would be taking a hiatus from Megadeth, a break that would last until 2024. We are now examining the matter from the perspective of Teemu Mäntysaari, Wintersun’s replacement. Now, the guitarist for Wintersun and Megadeth, Mäntysaari, recently revealed on Facebook how he felt about this substitution at first. Reposting Megadeth’s official statement, he said as follows: “I appreciate all of the encouraging remarks, everyone! Love and respect to you, Kiko, and best wishes to your family. I appreciate all of your advice and your confidence in me, Dave and Kiko. Next year, I can’t wait to rejoin Megadeth on stage and tour the globe! In a September interview with Wes Styles, Dave Mustaine, the lead guitarist for Megadeth, discussed the acquisition of guitarist Teemu Mäntysaari.

Dave responded as follows when asked how Teemu is going so far: “He is very amazing. And what Teemu has brought excites me much. Furthermore, he plays a lot like Marty (Friedman), which makes it uncanny. It’s also quite thrilling. Sometimes, during a set, I just close my eyes and listen to these songs being played. Whether it’s Kiko from back in the day or Teemu from today, it sounds so magical because these guys have learned these songs and aren’t just going to play them without any accompaniment—in fact, they’ve learned the solos from some of the greatest guitarists I’ve ever played with.” We’ll all be able to witness Megadeth’s new lineup in action during their upcoming tour in 2024.

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