Taylor Swift’s Australian Eras Tour information was leaked by a source who claimed to work at the MCG.

The Shameless podcast and DeuxMoi may have released the spicier Australian Taylor Swift Eras Tour update yet for the chart-fans topper’s after much speculating, wishing, manifesting, and getting unduly (read: understandably) emotional.

When are the Australian dates for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour?
We have good news if you’ve been anxiously searching for “Taylor Swift Australia.”

The oracular gossip website suggested in a Tweet sent out on Saturday morning that the singer had already reserved the MCG, the largest stadium in the nation, for her tour.

“Taylor has scheduled dates at the MCG in Melbourne, Australia. So, she will undoubtedly visit Australia,” the Tweet stated.

The mystery informant’s identity, their credibility, or even the year the booking was (or wasn’t) made cannot be determined from the screenshot.

Shortly after, an unidentified person who claimed to represent the MCG wrote the Shameless podcast a direct message (DM) saying TayTay is undoubtedly on her way.

They wrote, “Hush Hush, but I work for the MCG and dates have been scheduled for Taylor.”

The singer of “You Need To Calm Down” will perform not one, but TWO gigs at the MCG, according to the anonymous tea spiller.

Even if we can’t confirm any of it, any news at this point is welcome for supporters who have been waiting years for a tour date announcement.

If it’s any comfort, DeuxMoi has at least been accurate in the past about this kind of stuff. Infrequently, at least.

Although there has been no official confirmation of the Australian tour dates, they had better be made public as soon as possible after seeing concert footage from attendees of the US dates.

Does the Taylor Swift Eras Tour have any video?
Hayley Williams, Gigi Hadid, and Emma Stone can be seen straight-vibing in the first video from the eagerly anticipated album, and it has Australian Swift fans pleading for an Australian leg of the tour.

The Eras Tour began on March 17 in the US, and judging by the video, it was everything we could have hoped for.

Viral TikTok video shows Gigi Hadid, Emma Stone, and Hayley Williams of Paramore having the time of their life at the event:

Hadid has before expressed concern that she might “embarrass” herself at the exhibitions. Thus, we were forewarned.

Nevertheless, if Taylor Swift’s own friends can’t have a blast at her shows, then who else can?

She just promised E! News that she will attend a handful of the Eras tour dates. I make an effort to attend as many as I can.

She confessed, “I’m a sociopath at a Taylor show.” “I lose it. I’m not at all cool. I’m your most embarrassed friend, like, ever.

Since they are her supporting act in the US, the HAIM women were also present.

They previously admitted to being interested in “backstage dance parties with Taylor” to PEOPLE.

What is the set list for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour?

The Eras Tour is doing exactly what it promised, bringing Swifties on a journey through all of Taylor Swift’s artistic periods. The official set list has 44 songs (!).

The pop star’s Eras Tour is her first tour in five years, and during the event, she performs hit after hit.

Bops like “Enchanted” and “Fearless” were both chosen for the playlist, which will excite OG fans.

I’m going to curl up into a ball and cry for the rest of the day because there are songs from her fourth studio album Red, including “I Knew You Were Trouble” and the 10-minute (yes, 10-minute) version of “All Too Well.”

Also, “Cruel Summer” makes an appearance. Never in my life have I wanted more to watch someone perform on stage while wearing a bejeweled leotard.

For Eras, “Lavender Haze,” “Mirrorball,” and “Style” have all been confirmed, because, really, Taylor Swift understands what we want and offers it to us.

Even “You Belong With Me” was played on the radio. Me at age 12 is yelling.

There are songs included from every album, it seems. Why don’t more performers arrange their live shows this way?

August of this year marks the end of the US portion of the tour, so perhaps we’ll hear something soon about the Australian and New Zealand dates. I’ll be playing the concert videos repeatedly for the next seven to ten working days till then.

Thank you so much to all the Swifties from abroad for the beautiful video from the Taylor Swift Eras Tour!

The song selections, the outfit changes, and the show are all just what I’ve ever wanted in a T Swift tour. Really wonderful.

I suppose that we are currently anticipating the outcome of all this foreboding with bated breath.

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